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Good god I’m sore!  I did my longest run of the training schedule yesterday (looking at the schedule I’ll be using that line a lot!) which saw me run 11.27 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes and 27 seconds.  I just did a couple of loops out around the country roads round here, after lap 1 I was within spitting distance of my house.  It took a lot of willpower not to just give up and run home and relax.  Instead I soldiered on and managed to run the entire distance.  Since it was Valentine’s Day I took a detour down Lovers Lane but didn’t see any loving going on.  My wife and I had a kid free night on Saturday night so went out for a few drinks and then got a curry on the way home.  I couldn’t help but notice when I took it off that my sweat ladled tshirt had a distinctly curry smell to it.  It was honking with a manly sweat aroma but coupled with the curry sweat, this really was a smell to savour.  The wife didn’t agree!

I ache now though, my knees feel like they might break (although my dicky knee has held up well and isnt really sore), my thighs object (not literally) at every stair I have to go up and both Achilles hurt with every step I take.  I really can’t wait to see what sort of state I’ll be in after the marathon, I might look into wheelchair hire though.

These Nike + running playlists are a bit shit it has to be said.  The De La Soul one was awful, the LCD Soundsystem one had a couple of decent tracks but mostly it was just noise!  Time to put The Best of Girls Aloud back onto the ipod.

Oh I weighed myself on Sunday morning and couldn’t believe it when the scales said 14 stone 6, so I weighed myself again this morning and I was bang on 14 stone.  Stupid scales.


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