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hello strangers!

I bet you thought I’d forgot you lovely people who read my blog, well I haven’t and never will!  The marathon is this weekend and to be honest I’m shitting myself.  Its the hottest day of the year so far and the weekend is meant to be sunny too.  So now, not only do I have to worry about running 26 miles as one friend said “for no real reason” but now I have to lather up my shiny, bald napper with suncream.

So, thanks for reading and I will be in touch if and when I finish the marathon!


As ideas go….

Going for a 4 mile run when I’ve recently started cycling 10 miles to work possibly wasn’t a great idea! The run was, as is the norm, uneventful 4 miles in 32 minutes and 28 seconds. I’m really beginning to tire of the scenery around us, and also the music on my ipod. Unfortunately the only time I remember to change the music is when I’m out running.

I’ve discovered a horrible new affect of running, the toxic 10 minutes, its as bad as it sounds! Its all to do with cold muscles and lactic acid I think, basically its the first couple of miles of a run you feel like stopping after each step. Your legs feel heavy and you just want to give up. So that’s the toxic 10 minutes to look forward to at the start, and the wall to look forward to after a good number of miles. I really do think I’ll just be running the one marathon in my lifetime!


wednesday morning, 9am

Forgive the tardiness of this blog entry, last night was a busy night.  Our eldest had his first ever parent’s evening at school, he’s a good learner but a bit of a troublemaker at play times by all accounts!  Then I, of course, had my usual Tuesday night run but something distracted me from posting a message last night and that thing was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  This isn’t a games review blog, in case you hadn’t noticed, but oh my lord this gave is amazing.  I played for a little over 2 hours and honestly I could’ve played all night, it’s awesome!  If you were even half considering buying it, then stop reading and go out and buy it now.

But onto running, it’s getting really dark and miserable at nights now and there’s me running about in the dark.  I’ve looked at some of the reflective gear you can buy but if I’m honest that stuff is horrible.  I’d look like a member of a chain gang doing some day release work.  Sticking to the lamppost lit areas is no use, as it means running into other dog owners and this causes Marvin to have some sort of fit.  He just wants to play and doesn’t really care about dragging me off my feet.  The run was uneventful, how much more interesting would this blog be if I ran in New York?  Probably not much more but I might spot the occasional celebrity.

We had a rock theme going on last night, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Soundgarden and Nirvana.  For those rockers among you, the Them Crooked Vultures album is available to listen to on youtube, go there now and be amazed!


monday morning weigh in

Well, well, well.  A visit to the scales saw me down to 14 stone 2, I’m a yo-yo dieter, Oprah I feel your pain!  I’m determined to get below 14 stone at some point in November, I just need to convince the mrs to stop feeding me vodka and red bull and chilli crisps!  The rain I mentioned yesterday caused havoc with the trains today so I’m currently stuck at home, which isn’t too bad to be honest.  No far I’ve managed to resist the call of the crisps and biscuits we have here.  Time for a banana I guess.


thank you, oh thank you

A thousand Eighteen times thank you.  Yesterday was the busiest day ever seen on this humble little blog, 18 of you decided to pay me a visit.  Keep up the good work readers.


well that was tough

Running uphill, into a head wind while having had a bucketful of drink the night before is not the best conditions to run in!  Even the downhill parts seemed uphill, just one of those days I guess.  Since I had the delight of running in daylight this morning, I ventured out of town along the country roads past the coos and sheep.  It was a pleasant change but of course means I have absolutely nothing to tell you about, apart from my laziness today.  Sorry about that, but I never once promised to keep you entertained on this fine blog!

Music wise it was Britpop-tastic, Blur, The Charlatans, Teenage Fanclub, Supergrass and Marion all on today.  Finished off with The Automatic, what’s that coming over the hill?  A bloody knackered Kev thats what.


Today I did a good thing

For my feet at least, after taking advice some more experienced runner I went out and bought some proper running shoes, New Balance 850s to be precise.  My wallet was most annoyed though, 85 funking quid for a pair of trainers!  I also bought a very fine looking pair of socks that promise to reduce muscle cramps, bruising and blistering.  That’s a bold statement for a pair of socks but they do look good too.  So that’s my feet sorted, just need to get the rest of my body in shape.

Wish me luck, I’ll need it. (I might have this as a signature at the bottom of every post)

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