So, three more big runs to go

As I updated my facebook page to get donations, and my donation page has a link here on it I thought I better fill you in. Don’t worry, I won’t turn up on your doorstep and punch your coupon in. Well, not unless you sponsor me. So the running is going well, I still don’t think I’ve recovered fully from my 16 mile trek the other week!

Last Sunday saw me out for an easy 10 mile run, and it was anything but easy. However, for the first time ever in this training programme I was out in just my shorts and tshirt. The sun was shining and it was a lovely morning, by the afternoon it was pissing with rain of course and it hasn’t stopped since but it is only British Summer Time, don’t expect too much! As the title suggests I have only really got 3 more big runs to do, and that includes the marathon. 18 miles this weekend, then 20 miles 2 weeks after that then my training runs drop right down to 2 miles a few days before The Big Race. Its a thought that should fill me with some positivity, however, I know how sore it was after 16 so each of those big runs is guaranteed to bring me severe pain and suffering, worse than childbirth by all accounts!

I am due to do a couple of small midweek runs this week, in fact this morning I was due to head out but truth be told I’ll be damned if I’m going out in the driving rain and howling wind.  I’ve signed up for my last game of football before the marathon so that’ll be my training for this week.  The easter weekend sees me off for 4 days so along with my 18 miler I may head out for another wee saunter at some point.  My headphones broke, so I have fancy new sports ones bought from Argos for the grand price of 6 pounds.  Money well spent.  I’ve ditched the Nike+ tracks and am back to Girls Aloud’s Greatest Hits and the Top Gun soundtrack.  Let the good times roll, except for Goose.  Silly Goose.  Until next time, toodleoo.


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