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So, three more big runs to go

As I updated my facebook page to get donations, and my donation page has a link here on it I thought I better fill you in. Don’t worry, I won’t turn up on your doorstep and punch your coupon in. Well, not unless you sponsor me. So the running is going well, I still don’t think I’ve recovered fully from my 16 mile trek the other week!

Last Sunday saw me out for an easy 10 mile run, and it was anything but easy. However, for the first time ever in this training programme I was out in just my shorts and tshirt. The sun was shining and it was a lovely morning, by the afternoon it was pissing with rain of course and it hasn’t stopped since but it is only British Summer Time, don’t expect too much! As the title suggests I have only really got 3 more big runs to do, and that includes the marathon. 18 miles this weekend, then 20 miles 2 weeks after that then my training runs drop right down to 2 miles a few days before The Big Race. Its a thought that should fill me with some positivity, however, I know how sore it was after 16 so each of those big runs is guaranteed to bring me severe pain and suffering, worse than childbirth by all accounts!

I am due to do a couple of small midweek runs this week, in fact this morning I was due to head out but truth be told I’ll be damned if I’m going out in the driving rain and howling wind.  I’ve signed up for my last game of football before the marathon so that’ll be my training for this week.  The easter weekend sees me off for 4 days so along with my 18 miler I may head out for another wee saunter at some point.  My headphones broke, so I have fancy new sports ones bought from Argos for the grand price of 6 pounds.  Money well spent.  I’ve ditched the Nike+ tracks and am back to Girls Aloud’s Greatest Hits and the Top Gun soundtrack.  Let the good times roll, except for Goose.  Silly Goose.  Until next time, toodleoo.


As ideas go….

Going for a 4 mile run when I’ve recently started cycling 10 miles to work possibly wasn’t a great idea! The run was, as is the norm, uneventful 4 miles in 32 minutes and 28 seconds. I’m really beginning to tire of the scenery around us, and also the music on my ipod. Unfortunately the only time I remember to change the music is when I’m out running.

I’ve discovered a horrible new affect of running, the toxic 10 minutes, its as bad as it sounds! Its all to do with cold muscles and lactic acid I think, basically its the first couple of miles of a run you feel like stopping after each step. Your legs feel heavy and you just want to give up. So that’s the toxic 10 minutes to look forward to at the start, and the wall to look forward to after a good number of miles. I really do think I’ll just be running the one marathon in my lifetime!


it’s been a long time…

Hello reader(s), so you may have noticed my silence of late.  I put this down to two reasons, number one nobody is reading this blog and number two I was very busy at work as I had to finish things up before moving jobs!  I’ve swapped lunchtime runs along Aberdeen ‘Pleasure’ beach for re-enacting Chariots of Fife by running along St Andrews beach, although I have yet to head out for a run, but I only started yesterday.

“How’s the training going?” I hear you ask, pretty well I think.  I had my longest run of the training plan on Sunday, 14.15 miles, it took me 2 hours 16 minutes and 33 seconds.  Quite a slow pace overall but after hitting the wall on the previous weeks’ 12 mile run I decided to take it easy.  I managed to run without stopping, which is a good achievement but I’d have another 12 miles to run on the day.  The enormity of this run really is beginning to hit home.  Training is taking a bit of a hit as well, I don’t have showers available to use in the afternoon and a combination of activities and business trips over the next couple of weeks means I may have to rely on my weekend runs to keep me going.  Thankfully this weekend is a paltry 6 mile run, I may get up early on Friday and go for a run after cycling into work.  May.

My shorter runs have been going well, 3 miles at least twice a week, although I have now given up football on Thursday nights so should be able to get out for 3 short runs and one longer one.  As the miles pick up, the trainers get even more wrecked looking, thankfully splashing through puddles is keeping them reasonably clean and fresh smelling!

Until next time, and it could be a while!  Cheerio.

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