snow joke – again

So there I was fast asleep on the train until we neared Aberdeen, on waking up I rubbed my eyes and looked outside.  I rubbed them again, surely this snow isn’t real.  Am I in Narnia, or Siberia?  Nope it was Aberdeen and the snow was there, bugger thought I.  My knee had survived a night at 5 aside football and I had my running gear and was eager to get out running.  Honestly, I was.  Knowing my luck I’d slip on the pavements and fall into the North Sea and be swept away and to an isolated island in the middle of the North Sea.  Maybe.  So I took the safe option of sitting in my (sometimes) warm office and eat my sandwiches instead.  It’s almost home time and the snow is still here, its dinged it doon now and then but hopefully this is just a passing snow shower and we wont be subjected to the type of snow we had earlier this year.  I might feel slightly guilty tonight when I gorge on crisps and drink some rum.  Might.


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