excuses, we don’t need no stinking excuses

So despite the treacherous conditions of the pavements around mine, I ventured out for a run yesterday.  I wrapped up warm, very warm 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of socks and 4 tops.  It worked, I was a snug as a bug.  It was a novel experience and not one I’m in a rush to repeat, but I needed to run and I was able to get about 6 miles in yesterday.  I took my usual route, but decided to run it in reverse so I’d be running into the traffic, so to speak.  Thankfully the roads weren’t too busy so I ran mostly on the road, when a car, bus, tractor or mentalist driving a ford focus approached I just hopped onto the pavement and tried to run through about 8 inches of snow.  In hindsight this possibly wasn’t a great idea, walking on snowy pavements is one thing, running on them really takes it out of you.  Still, it was good stamina training if nothing else.   The main downside with doing the route in reverse is that it all seems uphill, my pace was a lot slower than usual, but I attribute this to the snow, my lack of running lately and the uphilledness of the route.  My legs are absolutely aching today but I’ll set out tomorrow lunchtime again as the pavement here and all grey and shiny, no snow at all really!

To some of those of you reading this blog who have entered this year’s Edinburgh marathon and haven’t started training yet, I’d advise you to just give up, you’ve left it too late and will only embarrass yourself, don’t do it!

The ipod seemed to taunt me, after the closing bars of Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way, the Boo Radleys and Wake Up Boo came on.  Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning??  Hardly!  I can’t really remember the other tunes, pretty sure the Charlatans were there and plenty tunes from the Top Gun soundtrack, beyond that I’ll have to disappoint you!


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