the tuesday update on a friday

Humble apologies avid readers, I’ve been terribly slack in my blog updating but let me make up for that now.

On Tuesday I had a novel experience, I went out running with another person!  A guy from work offered to accompany me on my saunter down to the Aberdeen beach.  It was good, the chatting made the time pass so much quicker.  The pace was decent and the wind wasn’t too crazy so all in all an enjoyable little run.  He’s done the Great North Run a few times and if need be can run at a faster pace so I might have to push myself a little more towards May.

Of course I have no music related news to tell you about, sorry about that I’m sure you’re bitterly disappointed.

Its been a busy old week with exercise, on Wednesday I played squash for the first time in about 6 months, got beat 3 times but it was a very good workout and made a pleasant change from pounding the pavements.

Last night was a belter of a night at the 5 aside football.  Snow had hit Glenrothes meaning only 6 of us hardy souls braved the weather.  3 aside on a snowy pitch, with more snow falling down is not a pleasant playing experience.  On the plus side we did play with a yellow ball!


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