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monday morning excuse thread

So, no Sunday run mainly due to the snow but also due to me being out on Friday and Saturday night.  I stayed at home, all warm and cosy instead.  It was nice, if the snow melts before Christmas I will head out for a long run.  If it doesn’t then a week or so off the running is a Christmas present to myself.

Excuse 2 is about the weigh in, I jumped on the scales this morning to discover the batteries are dead.  I imagine I have put weight on but who knows.   I will get batteries at some point and report back to you.


the tuesday update on a friday

Humble apologies avid readers, I’ve been terribly slack in my blog updating but let me make up for that now.

On Tuesday I had a novel experience, I went out running with another person!  A guy from work offered to accompany me on my saunter down to the Aberdeen beach.  It was good, the chatting made the time pass so much quicker.  The pace was decent and the wind wasn’t too crazy so all in all an enjoyable little run.  He’s done the Great North Run a few times and if need be can run at a faster pace so I might have to push myself a little more towards May.

Of course I have no music related news to tell you about, sorry about that I’m sure you’re bitterly disappointed.

Its been a busy old week with exercise, on Wednesday I played squash for the first time in about 6 months, got beat 3 times but it was a very good workout and made a pleasant change from pounding the pavements.

Last night was a belter of a night at the 5 aside football.  Snow had hit Glenrothes meaning only 6 of us hardy souls braved the weather.  3 aside on a snowy pitch, with more snow falling down is not a pleasant playing experience.  On the plus side we did play with a yellow ball!


monday morning weigh in

2 posts in one day you lucky devils!

So this morning I got on the scales and weighed…….err2.  Ok, that wasn’t right so I tried again.  7 stone 5 pounds.  Shurely shome mishtake.  Lets try again 13 stone 7 pounds.  Impossible I’ve eaten like a pig this week.  One last try 13 stone 13 pounds, that’s more like it!  Putting on weight over Christmas might be a good thing, I might lose it again and feel like the running is doing me some good!


this time it wasn’t laziness

My laptop charger died on Saturday night, may it RIP, I got a replacement part for it though so we’re up and running again.

Anyway, on Sunday morning as I was lying in my bed my wife and kids looked out of the window.  “Oh its white outside” said one, “Jack Frost has been” said another, “Jingle bells, jingle bells chicken all the way” said the last one.  Well at least 2 of them make sense, you guessed right it was a cold and frosty morning yesterday.  Regardless, I wrapped up warm (well as warm as you can wrap up while wearing shorts), hooked myself up to Marvin and went out on the road.  It wasn’t cold, it was freezing!  I took my usual route out towards the farmland and was soon overpowered by an appalling stench.  Marvin hadn’t dropped a sly one, it was the stink of the cauliflower in the fields.  It looks like they’ve taken all the good ones and left the misshapen ones to rot.  I’m glad I wasn’t running with my usual Sunday morning hangover or it could have got very messy.  The usual muddy puddles had been replaced by frozen muddy puddles, had a couple of slips and slides around.  There’s really no give in frozen ground and I feared for my porcelain ankles, but they stood up to the test thankfully.  I’ve never been more glad to get hope and have a warm shower than I was on Sunday, somebody should tell marathon organisers to arrange their marathons for the end of the summer to stop us mugs having to run in conditions like that!

The music helped me keep going: Metallica (2), The Dandy Warhols, Oasis, Queens of the Stone Age, AC/DC and Maximo Park all helping me keep the pace up.  I’ve still room for some more tunes on my ipod so recommendations gratefully received.


forgive me, i’m lazy

So I went out for a run yesterday lunchtime and again it was cold and windy, although the sun was shining.  I forgot my ipod again though but listening to the ocean wasn’t too bad.  Shame about the noisy seagulls screeching away.  Runners in Aberdeen are a miserable lot, I passed about 10 of them and not one made eye contact or said hi.  Down the road, everyone is friendly and smiles.  The granite city is a hard place clearly!   The wind down there is absolutely mental, running along towards the ‘pleasure beach’ was ok, on the way back though it was mental.  It felt like someone had a hold of my shorts and was pulling me back, so to speak.  5 miles today yesterday and it passed very quickly, my trainers are starting to look wrecked though, I really don’t want to have to invest in another pair between now and May.  An incentive to cut back on the running!

Rest days until Sunday, with 5 aside tomorrow night.  Don’t miss me too much.


the monday morning weigh in

and that’s a hat trick!  3 weeks at 13 stone 13 now, maybe I’ve reached my plateau?  Maybe I should stop eating thai sweet chilli crisps and drinking beer.  Maybe not!


kneeasy does it

The observant among you will realise there was no post on Friday night, this was done to two thing.  As some of you know I buckled my knee about 4 years ago and its never been right; x-rays and MRI scans have revealed nothing and 4 different physios haven’t been able to diagnose the injury properly.  Things seemed to be on the mend though but on Thursday night at football my knee was aching again, that coupled with a slight calf strain meant I treated myself to a rest day on Friday.

I felt better today so ventured out on a cold and frosty morning, Marvin in tow, for my usual 60 minute run.  The usual route saw me run along past the golf course avoided muddy puddles and fallen branches.  Just over 6.5 miles was covered, so roughly a quarter of a marathon distance.  Christmas is looming so keeping up the training might be tricky, I’m going to cut the runs down to Tuesday and Sunday and keep up the footie on Thursday.  When me knee feels slightly less buckled then I’ll head out 3 times a week again.  Until then Friday nights are for beer and thai sweet chilli crisps!

Girls Aloud made a momentous comeback today, 3 of their tunes were on the ipod today, alongside Alice in Chains, Maximo Park, The Bluetones, AC/DC, Metallica and Blur.

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