an hourly update

Another Sunday morning and curry and beer induced feeling of discomfort in the morning.  Yesterday I went on the train up to Aberdeen again to watch the Aberdeen v Rangers match.  Courtesy of generous cousin and her husband, I got an invite into the corporate hospitality suite so as a result the drinking started around 11 in the morning.  The match itself was superb, Aberdeen in the first 20 minutes especially were exceptional and thoroughly deserved their 1-0 lead.  They managed to hold out until full time, despite one of the most one sided displays of refereeing I’ve ever witnessed.  12 v 10 but we still hung on!  To thank my lovely wife for allowing me out to play all day, I picked up a curry on the way home.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was but it made me feel messy this morning.  Nothing to do with all the beer, and rum, and whisky!

So the run itself was uneventful, although at times I felt like I was running a steeplechase race fences, branches and muddy puddles had to be avoided.  An enthusiastic fan even beeped his horn about 37 times to get my attention, turns out it was my ‘running partner’ being lazy and driving somewhere.  Shocking behaviour for one supposedly training a marathon!  I last a full 60 minutes and covered 6 1/2 miles.  Averaging just over 9 minute miles, not bad considering the state of me!

‘Twas a rocky day music wise, Rage against the machine, Ash (2), Foo Fighters (2), The Breeders, Metallica and AC/DC.  The Charlatans, Blur and Wilco also made an appearance.


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