more friday night fun

Despite having a large urge to sit on my arse and drink beer, I decided to go out running.  It was a good run and it was quite eventful, well sort of.  In no particular order the excitement was:

  • Seeing the police lift some neds for drinking
  • Almost getting run over
  • Seeing a car broken down in Lidl

Not terribly exciting, even almost getting run over was a bit dull.  Some muppet decided to start driving as I was crossing the road, he stopped, I gesticulated and life carried on.  Marvin also tried to trip me up about 20 times as well.  The run went well, although I had a wee injury from last night’s football so until that eased off I was running a bit strangely.  I made sure to start out the run in some quiet streets.

I had my ipod tonight, hurrah.  We had some Alabama 3, Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Bluetones and the Rocky theme tune, oh yeah!


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