keep the man running

“Finally” I hear you all cry, a blog post about running.  Today was the official start of my 6 month marathon training programme, everything before today has been about fun!  Growing weary of dark nights, wheelie bins and little of note to report on, I’ve opted to do my weekday runs during the day.  Today I set off from the office, along the harbour area and down the beach.  Boy was it windy, running along the beach away from the wind was a breeze (badoom-tish), the return leg was a lot little more like hard work.  I even got passed by saw some other runners, one of which was wearing the most horrendous fluorescent yellow running jacket.  Really, he looked like he was off to a 90s rave, all he needed was a whistle and a glowstick.  Despite running in a sprawling metropolis unfortunately nothing interesting happened, nothing interesting ever happens when I run, sorry!

I forgot my ipod so instead I’ll finish with a mini rant.  Now let me start by saying I absolutely love Christmas: crap TV, presents, loads of food and drink and, of course, booze.  However, putting my Christmas decorations in November is a step too far, and that’s exactly what has happened in our office.  So now from here until Christmas, and I’m sure into the new year, my eyeballs will be assaulted by the lovely purple and silver themed Christmas decorations we have.  Bah humbug!


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