another sunday saunter

Here’s a sentence I don’t anyone will have written before, this morning myself, a toddler’s milk bottle and a tombliboo went for a run!  My other running partner (who is yet to start training), his wife and wee girl came over for tea.  On their way home he left behind a tombliboo, I believe it was tombliboo-ooo, and a bottle.  On the promise of egg on toast I ran out past their house to drop the stuff off.  I knocked and waited, knocked again and waited some more.  I left, and continued my journey.  I was hungry, thanks mate!

As you might expect since we had folk over, I had a hangover.  A red wine hangover, the worst kind of hangover I can get.  The run did sort me out eventually but its really not a good idea to run with a hangover, I should have learned this by now!  It was a beautiful, sunny morning for a change and I had a great run, the golf course was full of golfy people playing their stupid game.  Why do golfists wear stupid hats?  I passed a few other joggers (going in the opposite direction) we nodded to each other politely.  I also saw loads of cyclists, why do they insist on wearing lycra and fluorescent clothing?

The music was good, Maximo Park, Metallica, Elastica, Cast and various others.  Sadly there wasn’t an appearance from Girls Aloud today.  I got my egg on toast eventually, the mrs did me some scambled eggs not so long ago.  Delicious.  Now to convince her we should keep chickens in the back garden.


1 Response to “another sunday saunter”

  1. 1 the real running man
    November 18, 2009 at 10:14 am

    sorry did not hear you knocking at the door. You are so quick and nimble on your feet now the training has started. Grace says thanks for bringing back “AH” and glad you enjoyed the eggs. But please remember, chickens are for life not just for Christmas!!!

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