60 minute makeover

First of all, an apology for not posting on Friday night.  Secondly, an excuse, I was at a fundraising event with the wife and some friends.  Third, a rebuttal, when you last post on this blog!

So, onto today’s run I thought since I missed Friday’s run I would go for a 60 minute run, or for the slow people among you, an hour’s worth of running.  Now, you know my usual Saturday night ritual of beer and curry makes for a tough training session the day after.  Well I’ve found a worse way to prepare for a long run, by being ill.  Saturday night wasn’t a good night for me, I’ll spare you the details but rest assured it wasn’t beer related at all.  Off I set on a cold and crisp morning and soon found a good running pace and made the run without any real hiccups.  I had to make a slight detour due to the Remembrance Sunday parade in the town but I got the lasted the full 60 minutes without so much as a teabreak at half time!  I did a little under 7 miles averaging 8 minutes 40 seconds per mile, not too shabby at all.  The last 10 minutes were awful, my legs were weary and the route seemed to be uphill.

Music wise, I lost track half way through, I remember hearing Fatboy Slim, CSS, Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Echobelly, Blur and Metallica so a nice mix of tunes to run to.  My dicky knee is aching a bit now, the slow tour round ASDA didn’t help matters so it might be time to reward myself with a nice cold beer.


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