a floody disgrace

Now, you usually come here to read about my running exploits, but the last couple of days have been horrendous due to the weather.  On Monday I couldn’t get to work as there were no trains, I was told I had to be at work yesterday regardless of the train situation.  So I set off at 6:15 from the house to catch a train to Dundee, then a bus to Aberdeen.  3 hours later I arrived at work.  I decided to head off a bit early, leaving work at 4:15 and arriving home, again 3 hours later, at 7:15.  All this because of a wee spot of water on the tracks!  I’m sure its most serious than that but yesterday, and this morning, made me realise just how much I hated driving up to Aberdeen for work.  Its looking likely that replacement bus services will run all week so I’d better get used to sitting on a cramped bus for the next few days.

Despite my epic commute yesterday, I decided to go out for a run anyway and it was an enjoyable one.  I certainly needed to stretch my legs after sitting around for so long yesterday.  I solved the stingy eye problem by wearing a beanie, a simple solution in the end!  I got home and hoped to sit and relax for the rest of the evening but the wife had other plans, Christmas shopping online.  The joys!


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