everyday is like sunday

It’s true, for the last week or so its done nothing but bucket down with rain.  So today I set out bright and early to run in this exquisite weather, the dedication I am showing is nothing short of amazing.  In my humble opinion of course!  I did a slightly longer run than I did last Sunday, 5.84 miles according to mapmyrun.com in a little under 51 minutes, damn I’m good!  Of course, running in the rain doesn’t come without its problems, cars splashing through puddles, tractors and lorries spraying water everything and the lovely mix of sweat and rain that slowly dribbles into your eyes leaving you with stinging eyes.  I’ve thought of two solutions to the last problem, either I can adopt the Jim Leighton look.  Now he was an amazing goalkeeper for club and country but let’s be honest, nobody wants to look like this:

Jim Leighton

Or I could go for a sweatband, a la John McEnroe, once again a great sportsman but who wants to look like this?


So what are my opinions, not running?  I like it but it wont stand me in good stead come marathon day.  Wrist bands?


No thanks.  I think I’ll just stick to having stingy eyes!

My running route took me through the countryside again so I was able to belt out some cracking tunes by Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Beck, Maximo Park and Primal Scream.  Good times.  Now to go and dry out.


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