Friday on my Mind

Another Friday and another four miles, rather worryingly I’m starting to look forward to my running sessions.  I know, that can’t be a good sign!  I ventured to the brand new shopping centre in Aberdeen on Thursday to visit the Apple store and buy some headphones (and get a free t-shirt).  Well, there were 45000 people at the opening apparently and I’d guess that 44000 headed straight for the Apple store.  Aberdonians love free things!  Anyway, after pushing my way past the mob, I wandered to Argos and got some new headphones.  Squidgy ear ones they are, and only 6 quid.  Bargain!  See what I mean about Aberdonians liking a bargain.  The run itself was, as is the norm now, uneventful but I’m happy to report that the headphones work well.

Music wise it was a weird mix of songs that shouldn’t really work as running songs but somehow do, Dire Straits, Johnny Cash and The Beatles being those songs.  Alongside classic running tunes from Beck, the Top Gun soundtrack and Adam Ant, don’t drink, don’t smoke!


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