sunday morning

and I’m falling running.  As I missed my Friday night running session, opting instead to drink beer, watch bands and then eat chicken pakora, I decided to go for a long run today.  So on this wet and windy morning, I wrapped up warm and heading out.  Once again my Saturday night preparations for this run had included more beer, more pakora and a curry, when will I learn?  So off I set, up hill, running into the wind and feeling generally crap. But on I ran, for just under 5.5 miles in, what I feel is a very respectable, 49 minutes.  So just a shade up 9 minutes per mile, which isn’t too shabby in my humble opinion.  Rather worryingly my left foot started going numb after about 35 minutes but on I ran until I got home, took my shoe off and found a delightful looking blister on the underside of my heel.  I look forward to popping that bad boy!

Music wise I don’t remember all the tunes, I do remember Girls Aloud being followed by Alice in Chains which was interesting to say the least.  Cast, Soundgarden, Belle & Sebastian, Oasis and Ash all made an appearance too and once again I took full advantage of running in the country by shouting singing along to most of the songs.  Monday morning weigh in tomorrow, I’ve got a sneaky feeling that all the beer and pakora might not have been too good for my weight loss plan!


1 Response to “sunday morning”

  1. 1 the real running man
    October 26, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    you say 9 minute miles (49 mins), but did you not take the 1 hour off at the end of the run instead of doing it at 2am making your run 1hr 49mins ?????

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