tonight i didn’t want to run

But run I did.  Kev 1 Laziness 0.  Tried out a new route tonight that took me past as few pubs as possible, running on a Friday night is guaranteed to get you ridiculed by at least one drunken ned but tonight I saw none, success!  I mainly took in residential areas and saw that some strange soul had decided to put one of those massive trampolines in their front garden.  They must have really whiny kids to ruin the view from their front window with a massive trampoline and net.  Yeah so shit blog tonight folks but a thrice weekly update is a bit much, especially when pounding the mean streets of Fife where nothing really happens!

I uploaded an updated playlist to my ipod shuffle tonight so we started out with AC/DC, followed by AC/DC.  Strange but moving on I let the next song come up, AC/DC again.  I double checked the wee button and it was set to shuffle, Aerosmith was up next so I thought I was going to be looking for a new shuffle but then Daft Punk came along and I knew I was ok.  Katy Perry, The Decemberists, Metallica, Girls Aloud and Bob Dylan soon followed.  An enjoyable mix of music.  Enough of this, I’m off for a glass of red.


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