a tip from the top

A sleepless night, a bellyful of curry and lager is not good preparation for a Sunday morning run!  The sleepless night was down to my youngest having a rather nasty case of tonsillitis, we’d already taken him to the out of hours clinic on Saturday but had to return at half 5 on Sunday morning as he kept being sick.  Neither Cal, me or his mum slept at all well but of course he is full of energy this morning while we are walking around like zombies (without the killing and eating people and stuff).

Onto the run, after the dog debacle last Sunday I decided to leave The Chocolate Avenger at home and head out alone.  The run itself was uneventful I’m afraid so I cant regale you with any funny stories today, the cynical amongst you will say I haven’t regaled you with any funny stories full stop but that’s just mean, and untrue.  Roadworks have begun in town and this has caused utter chaos.  You wouldn’t think a town with a population of 8500 would suffer from gridlock, especially on a Sunday morning, but it does.  Who to blame?  I say blame the wheelie bins!

Today was very much a rocky/indie day on the music scene, Frightened Rabbit, The Decemberists, The Charlatans, AC/DC amongst others and we finished off with the classic from KLF, 3AM Eternal.  I’m now about to be dragged around the shops again, a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon I’m sure you’ll agree!


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