the long and windy road

Well that was a windy run!  I still can’t quite get used to the whole exercising on a Friday night, I really should be in the house drinking beer not running around town with a clumsy dog in tow.  Anyway, 30 minutes again tonight and tonight started out pretty shittily, Marvin decided it was doggy doo-doo time so I had to run for a bit holding a poo bag full of, well, poo.  Turns out he finds running in the dark as scary exciting as I do!  His pace seemed to step up a notch or two when we ran down some alley ways and back roads, the big puff.  I think 30 minutes running is long enough for him, he kept looking up at me as if to say come on man its time to stop.

Music wise it was a very dancey theme tonight, Faithless, CSS, Daft Punk and that Eric Prydz song.  What do you mean you don’t remember it?  You know, this one:

call-on-meYeah, great tune wasn’t it!


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