cure you or kill you

Last night saw a rather good night out with me and some mates I try to play football with.  Many beers were consumed and even more glasses of whisky.  Sticking to the diet of a marathon runner I ended up the night munching down chips, chicken pakora and a doner kebab.  Although most of the latter ended up in the microwave for the wife to discover when she went downstairs, I really do spoil her!

So with a pounding head I decided a 25 minute run would sort me out, and to an extent it did.  It’s my first run with the dog on a Sunday morning and could well be my last.  He managed to slip his collar and go chasing after his wee pal Jack meaning I had to double back and drag him away.  We met numerous other dogs as well which meant for the those frenzied few seconds when he first saw them I was running faster than I’d like to, dumb dog!  Other than the doggy distractions, the run itself went well and I even passed by the kebab shop I visited last night, which of course had a rather lovely pile of puke outside.  Not great for someone with a hangover to see!

Music wise it started out in a rocking fashion, Beck, AC/DC and Metallica.  It finished off with Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 which got me wondering, do you think Dollywood has a motor boat ride??


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