Sunday: the day of rest and…

of a giant kick to the balls!  As well as trying to raise some cash for charity the marathon plan is also designed for me to lose the moobs and tone up a bit.  So after eating sparrow sized portions of food most of the week, and having gone on two runs I thought I’d maybe lose a pound or two.  Instead I lost *triumphant fanfare* minus 1 pound, yip I have put weight on.  I blame those deep fried treats I indulged in earlier in the week.  I think the good lady described it best when she said it was a bit soul destroying, what’s the point in eating less if I’m going to put weight on?!  I wont let this little set back, well set me back, after all muscle does weigh more than fat.  Except it doesn’t really does it??  I mean, as most of us learned at school, 5 pounds of feather weighs the same as 5 pounds bricks.

Anyway, weight issues aside today was a designated running day so after watching the frankly fantastic Manchester derby, I pulled on the lycra shorts (don’t worry I wear normal shorts over the top!) and went out.  Marvin was left at home as he’d already been out for a walk.  My stupid, poorly designed digital watch again decided to reset itself, this time during my first 5 minute run out so I had to guesstimate how far I’d run for.  Time for me to invest in a proper running watch (truth is I already have, hurry up and arrive).  That was my final session of week 4 in the couch to 5k program and it went well.  Next week the splits are easier to remember so I’ll enjoy my rest day tomorrow and be out again on Tuesday, tune in then for another exciting update!


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